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In December 2006, Parliament passed the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act.  This historic legislation marks the first time in India's history that a law has been passed recognising the rights of forest communities.

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What is this law for?

Common Misconceptions

This law:
  • recognises the rights of forest and tribal communities to the land and forest resources that they used (not to any new resources), which were not recorded when the forest laws were put into force;
  • takes the first steps towards a new system of forest conservation that would be open and democratic.
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An abridged and modified version in Hindi is also available.  Please email us at the below email address for a copy.
  1. MYTH: The Act will distribute 4 hectares of land to every tribal family. The Act will destroy all of India's forests.

  2. MYTH: The Act allows people to take over and destroy forests.  It will help land grabbing.

  3. MYTH: The Act removes all protection from forests.

  4. MYTH: By allowing people to stay in national parks and sanctuaries, the Act will make it impossible to protect wildlife - especially tigers.

NB: A group called Vanashakti has recently begun running TV advertisements and circulating a petition against the Forest Rights Act.  You can find their website here. We have replied to their claims in our page on Vanashakti's distortions and untruths

Would you like to get involved in the struggle for forest dwellers' rights and for a democratic forest management system?  Do you believe that protecting forests should b be a process involving all people?  Write to us at forestcampaign AT gmail DOT com (replace the words "AT" and "DOT" with the symbols to get the correct address) for more information.


The Campaign for Survival and Dignity is a federation of tribal and forest dwellers' organisations from eleven States.  You can see a list of the State federations in the Campaign here.
(Some updates between March and June 2008 are not included here, having been incorporated into the State-wise reports found here)




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Open Letter to Vanashakti.In: Regarding Their TV Ads and Campaign Against the Forest Rights Act
Vanashakti has sent a reply.  We have responded; please click here to read our response.
Forest Rights Act Being Stalled Internally, Forest Destruction Accelerating
Protests Continue Across India, Pressure Builds from Movements, Parties and State Governments Demanding the Forest Rights Act

Tens of Thousands of Tribals and Forest Dwellers Protest and Court Arrest Across India
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Campaign Condemns Massacre in Nandigram

Open Letter to the Bombay Natural History Society, Wildlife Protection Society of India, Wildlife First and Conservation Action Trust Re Challenge to Tiger Amendment

This section is under construction - the press releases and updates from 2005 and 2006 will be added shortly.
This site is maintained by the Campaign for Survival and Dignity, a federation of forest dwellers and tribals organisations from eleven States.  You can reach us at forestcampaign AT gmail DOT com (replace the words with the symbols).  The Campaign includes the following State federations:
Bharat Jan Andolan, National Front for Tribal Self Rule, Jangal Adhikar Sangharsh Samiti (Mah), Adivasi Mahasabha (Guj), Adivasi Jangal Janjeevan Andolan (D&NH), Jangal Jameen Jan Andolan (Raj), Madhya Pradesh Van Adhikar Abhiyan (MP), Jan Shakti Sanghatan (Chat), Peoples Alliance for Livelihood Rights, Chattisgarh Mukti Morcha, Orissa Jan Sangharsh Morcha, Campaign for Survival & Dignity (Ori), Orissa Adivasi Manch, Orissa Jan Adhikar Morcha, Adivasi Aikya Vedike (AP), Campaign for Survival and Dignity- TN, Bharat Jan Andolan (Jhar).