Home Page on the Forest Rights Act

A group called Vanashakti has been running a campaign against the Forest Rights Act through websites and TV advertisements.  Most of their campaign is founded on misconceptions about the nature and purpose of the Act and the current situation in forests.  Some of these misconceptions are:

"The Forest Rights Act will gift land to tribals and forest dwellers"

The Act is not about "gifting" land to anyone but about recognising rights to lands and other resources that are already under cultivation or being used for a livelihood, but have not been recorded as their right.  Please see here for more information. .

"The Forest Rights Act removes all protection from forests"

The Act does not remove forest protection.  In fact it enhances it by providing for people to also have powers to protect forest and wildlife.  See here for more information.

"The Forest Rights Act will promote land grabbing"

The Act provides a clear three step procedure for recognising rights.  See here for more information.

The Campaign for Survival and Dignity wrote an open letter to Vanashakti regarding their campaign against the Act.  You can see the letter here and Vanashakti's reply on their website here.   Their open letter goes into a number of details that they had not previously discussed, but unfortunately continues to be factually inaccurate and self-contradictory.  Our response can be found here.